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Finsbury park residents information


Festival Republic work closely with independent consultants and the local authority to manage sound levels and meet licensing requirements. We conduct a noise impact assessment of the surrounding area and use modern sound systems to reduce noise impact.




A team of independent acoustic consultants have been appointed to monitor levels throughout the whole event to ensure that the noise from the events is controlled and within the limits agreed with the local authority. If you have any concerns about noise levels, please contact us on the community phone line or email.


A residents hotline will be provided during the events. The number for this hotline will be circulated to residents nearer the time.


Festival Republic is dedicated to having a positive impact on the local community and we thank the residents of Finsbury Park for your ongoing support.

Finsbury Park residents should feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions regarding the festival.

All festival-goers should respect the surrounding area, as well as the use of all the facilities on site.


Applications are now closed.


Seven Sisters Road (between Hornsey Road and Green Lanes) and Stroud Green Road (between Seven Sisters Road and Tollington Park / Upper Tollington Park) will be closed between 21:30 -­‐ 23:00 on Sunday. This is to ensure the safe egress of public leaving the park.

The roads will be closed at all junctions joining Seven Sisters Rd between Hornsey Road & Green Lanes covering; Portland Rise, Brand Close, Alexandra Grove, Queens Drive, Wilberforce Road, Finsbury Park Road, Blackstock Road, Rock Street, Isledon Road, Coleridge Road, Yonge Park, Medina Road, Beriman Road, Thane Villas, Newington Barrow Way, Sonderburg Road, Durham Road, Pooles Park, Playford Road & Fonthill Road.

The roads will be closed at all junctions joining Stroud Green Road between Seven Sisters Road and Tollington Park / Upper Tollington Park covering; Wells Terrace, Morris Place, Lennox Road & Perth Road.


Sound checks performed – On the day before and on event days sound checks and rehearsals shall not exceed 90 minutes duration within an agreed 3 hour window.  Times of sound checks and rehearsals will be agreed with Haringey Council. Sound checks and rehearsals will not take place on any other day.

Event opening times: Sunday 11:00 to 21:30.