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Community Information

Community Information

Wireless 2021

It is important to us that we keep the local community informed and provide details for you to keep in touch with us. Your property is close to the Crystal Palace Park and we want to make sure that you are kept informed and have a way to contact us.

Event Details

We anticipate the events held on 7th & 8th September will be locally attended by a smaller audience.

Schedule of Live Events: Event Build/Break: 26th August – 20th September

Environmental Management

A team of independent acoustic consultants have been appointed to monitor levels throughout the whole event to ensure that the noise from the events is controlled and within the limits agreed with the local authority. If you have any concerns about noise levels, please contact us on the community phone line or email.

Traffic Management

Traffic plans for Wireless Festival are made in conjunction with London Borough of Bromley and relevant local licencing authorities. We work closely with various organisations and emergency services with the aim to cause as little disruption as possible to residents and provide safe access and exit from the site. Traffic routes will be managed by Offsite Traffic Co-ordinators and marshalled by an experienced traffic management company accordingly. We welcome feedback as it looks to engage with the local community and residents can find more information here on specific road changes and information.

In order to minimise attendees parking in the local area and maintain resident and business parking, traffic management measures will be in place on the 10th -12th September. There will be some road closures in place each day and night that will be accessible for residents with with proof of address.

Resident Access Only Road Closures

For a list of these closures and details of the traffic management plan please visit here

Wireless Festival has a dedicated community team managing the events. We will be your main point of contact over the coming weeks and during the event and are very happy to speak to you about any concerns or queries you may have.

You can contact us via email on [email protected] or call our Community Hotline:

Build & Break: 07940 499 510

Any further information and updates on these events will be shared on this page.

Thank you,

The Wireless Team