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Festival Republic aims to do as much as possible to reduce the impact our business and our festivals have on the environment. We strive to use innovative solutions to fundamental areas of impact such as energy, waste and transport. We also delve deeper into specific areas of our events, looking for ways to minimise impact, often including festival audiences in helping make these changes happen.

Apart from the immediate benefit in ‘going green’ we hope Festival Republic’s focus on sustainable practices will impact the industry through our suppliers and contractors.

Having the audience participate in our green initiatives may also lead to similar actions in their everyday lives. In fact, much of our audience already acts sustainably at home, and expects the same when attending our festivals and events.

Read the Festival Republic Sustainability Policy here.


We choose 100% green energy in offices. Our energy supplier puts energy produced from wind, solar, biomass etc, onto the grid, which we in turn buy from them. This is not a ‘green levy’ where an additional fee is used to pay for community based green energy projects and development.

In stationery purchasing, the ‘green choice’ is always the first alternative to consider when ordering. We use Evolve copy paper as it is manufactured in the UK using Post Consumer Recycled Paper content. Not a blend of virgin and recycled, and not from off cuts in the paper manufacturing process. The paper we use has had a previous life in homes and offices. We think that’s the best way to go.

We have comprehensive recycling in the office; recycling paper, cardboard, cans, glass bottles and various plastics. We also have a cartridge recycling service.

We use a green cleaning company, with no harmful chemicals used in the cleaning of our offices, making for a safe workplace for our staff and the environment.

Recently Festival Republic moved offices and this gave us an excellent chance to consolidate files and archive. We ‘harvested’ hundreds of lever arch folders which were taken to a scrap store project for redistribution to community groups including pre-schools and child care centres. We also disposed of our electronic equipment safely, with our old monitors and computer equipment making their way into the recycling system.

Festival and Event Waste

Each of the areas our festivals and events are held in have different recycling and waste facilities. We work with our waste contractor for each show to develop the best solution for each event. This may include active recycling by festival goers (such as at Latitude Festival), incentive based recycling projects (such as our bag of rubbish for a can of beer campaign, biofuel stages (The Big Chill) or 10p deposit/refunds on pint cups at Reading & Leeds Festivals).

We plan to continually improve our waste management aiming to maximise recycling rates and minimise volume of waste to landfill. Additionally options are evolving in the waste management industry, such as new energy from landfill sites opening which we hope to work with in coming years.


Powering our events has an environmental impact both through using up non-renewable resources, and through CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. We are working on solutions such as biofuels, microgeneration (solar/wind) and other options such as reducing demand.


Festival Republic is pleased to be working alongside with 10:10 to reduce the carbon footprint of Latitude, Reading, Leeds and Big Chill festivals by 10% through efficiency in onsite energy use, waste and water consumption.

By switching to cleaner sources of energy, we are able to reduce carbon emissions and still power the stages, speakers and refreshment stands that make Latitude, Reading, Leeds and Big Chill such great festivals.

Our ongoing efforts to reduce landfill waste and ensure minimal impact on the environment include zero waste campaigning, reducing material use, comprehensive recycling, switching to biodegradable materials and composting them as well as collecting re-usable goods for charity.

Working alongside, Festival Republic, Julie’s Bicycle and 10:10 look forward to seeing you onsite at the festivals and enjoying an amazing weekend, and receiving your pledge to support our efforts at