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Festival Republic Charity News

We’d love you to read about the charities we work with, keep an eye out for them at the festivals and say hi, or check out their websites. You'll find all our charity updates here.

  1. Smile 4 Cambodia

    Smile 4 Cambodia

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  2. Bootcamp in Cambodia

    Bootcamp in Cambodia

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  3. Kenyan Orphan Project ~ HealthStart

    Kenyan Orphan Project ~ HealthStart

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  4. Festival Republic's Charity Work

    Festival Republic's Charity Work

    Back in the mid-90’s we were the first company to introduce a charity donation at the Guest List of our music festivals; common practice today, it was a big move at the time, with everyone from A-list celebs to friends of the bands asked to put their hands in their pockets and give generously.

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